I’ve been online for a while … a long while! I was online when communications speeds were measured in bits per second (baud), not megabits or even kilobits. I saw services like eWorld, America Online and even MySpace come and go. I was building educational intranets and teaching teachers about teaching both use of the internet and basic web design well before it was a household term.

My vision has always been to focus on the future; to provide web design solutions to clients that deliver ongoing value without massive ongoing financial commitment. Having raised three wonderful kids with my life long partner Sharna – who I’ve known since year TWO at school – while encountering the highs and desperate lows of business ownership, I understand all too well how important value is. But value and cheap should never be confused, rarely do they coexist. For me, value comes from:

– Doing it once, properly
– Keeping it simple
– Not reinventing the wheel
– Being financially responsible, to all parties!

The web design game has taught me a lot about people and business. My new baby, WP Insites, is my attempt at passing on some of what I’ve learned from both web design and many years working in various IT roles.

Our young people face many challenges ahead, many of them we’ve caused or created. Job security is and will continue to be an issue, so many will look at “side” work to either make ends meet, or get ahead. Web design freelancing can be both rewarding and lucrative at present, but the speed at which the website design landscape is moving will force many changes. WP Insites is about being less susceptible to those changes.

This humble little website is just a bit of a showcase for some of my web design work. Some of these websites I built by hand, some I just directed the design and managed the project. All have something of me in them.

Steve Hobson, Founder, WPInsites